About Us

I am thankful for all of the project assistance that I have received. Below is a list of those who have graciously given their time. Bless you for your support: Andrea McDonald, Rick Sayre, Dr. Melinda Kashuba, Birdie Holsclaw, Mary Campbell Bell, Linda Waller, Clive Haddock, Floyd Riley, Elaine Henry, Diane Faulk..


Shamele Jordon is passionate about genealogy and family reunions. She is a researcher, lecturer, writer, and podcaster. Biography highlights include: researcher for the PBS series African American Lives; family reunion expert on Ebony magazine’s Black Family Reunion Tour; Advisory Board member of the Family Reunion Institute of Temple University; former president of the African American Genealogy Group in Philadelphia, PA; lecturer at the Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama.